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My 4-H club meeting went well, I gave a demonstration on origami and how to make a Japanese Flapping Bird. And well, it flaps its wings when you pull its tail. That's pretty much it. In our club, the demos have to be somewhat short and to the point, considering that three-quarters of the club are not yet 10 years old. They want the demonstrations to be shorter, so they can eat the treats faster.
Today, I spent most of my time taking a Chemistry Module review test. Not my best subject.
I just got back from AWANA, my those girls in my group keep me busy, I have this theory that someday they will be Bible Quizzers too. One girl said 45 verses to me! And even though these are young kids, those verses are not that easy. They are so hard. I love how dedicated they are to learning God's word! I highly recommend the AWANA program to everyone who will listen.
I have a meeting tomorrow, and I am dreading it. I love the people, I really do, but when people gather to talk about how to do something hard, well... I can't say I am looking forward to it. I am a person who likes to avoid conflict at all costs. Like, I literally run from it. If I see someone that I may have a small conflict with, I apologize and then run (literally) as fast as I can the other way. In that way, I am really different than other people. I have a really hard time standing up for myself, really hard time. I could stand up for someone else in a heartbeat. But I get scared to death standing up for myself, I shake uncontrollably. I never thought, anyone ever did that when they got scared, until I noticed that I do that. Weird, huh? Like, that's why family is so good, they stand up with me, against the nay-sayers. I hope I can say what I have to.
I thank God for all the friends he has given me, that are fighters, because they pick up the pieces of the shattered me. When, I can't think straight, and all I can see is what someone said, and I can't remember what really happened, they stand with me and pray with me. I don't know what I would do without God and the friends that He sent me.
I have so many faults and by December you will probably know them all. I'm pretty much, an open book like that.
I haven't been watching reality TV much anymore. Actually never. It is a warm day in a Wyoming winter when I do.
I'm reading "A Pony Express Christmas," by Sigmund Brouwer, I felt like a little Christmas I guess.
Also stopped and started watching a strange mini-series that I don't understand, because all their problems are easy to solve.
But, anyway, hopefully tomorrow goes well, maybe I'll take a Chemistry test. Not a fan of moles. Neither kind. Though, I really haven't been exposed to enough of the animal kind to know...

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  1. Faye, you're a darling. You just are. And I love the name Rhys...

    I'm going to use Rhys and Eamon in some future book series because they're great names!

    You make me remember myself at your age. So much more timid. And I tried to hide it under a show of bravado.

    Oh, funny in retrospect, not so much at the time!

    Lovely post! I like 'reading' your heart. You're special.


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