Why Mr. Darcy?

I personally don’t know why so many girls say they want to find a Mr. Darcy. You know, like the one from “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen. I have never understood that. To me personally Mr. Darcy has always been a bit brooding and though he did truly have a heart of gold, and people completely misjudged him. So yes, that is quite romantic. And yes, that was pretty much the point. Well, I guess I should just say what I am trying to say, which is, I have always liked Mr. Knightley from “Emma.” He has always been my favorite Jane Austen hero. Mr. Knightley was a complete gentleman, kind and generous, with a good head on his shoulders, not to mention the fact that he put up with all of Emma’s silliness. He wasn’t the best at speaking his heart, but he knew his faults and was so practical and was always able to step back and see things just as they were, not to mention putting up with Emma’s silliness. Mr. Knightley was ever so polite, doing what was best, but not letting himself be pushed around. Though for all of you Mr. Darcy fans let it be known that I have nothing against Mr. Darcy, I just prefer Mr. Knightley when they are in comparison with each other. I have studied all the other Jane Austen heroes, and I do admit that I cannot find one better than Mr. Knightley. There was Edmond Bertram (Mansfield Park) who was to become a vicar, but I always think of the way he hurt Fanny by pursuing Miss Crawford. There was Edward Ferrars (Sense and Sensibility), who is pretty stiff competition but, I guess I just always think that Mr. Knightley would never in a million years enter in to such a hasty engagement, like Edward did with Lucy Steele, though Edward was honorably to a fault. And then there was Captain Fredrick Wentworth (Persuasion), who caused Anne pain when he engaged himself to Louisa Musgrove, a young woman too young for him. There was Henry Tilney (Northanger Abbey) who well, just isn’t that memorable, but not terrible. I guess I just wanted to know why so many people like Mr. Darcy so much. My friend from church, another girl my age is also a Mr. Knightley fan, and we engage in long conversations that guys don’t understand, talking about why we think Mr. Knightley is the best Jane Austen hero. Though I can see where Mr. Darcy is darker and more romantic, in a sense. So when I guess I just found it strange when I went to a bookstore and saw a book with a title proclaiming something about Mr. Darcy, and upon reading the back found that it was a story about why there should be more Darcy’s in the world. And then finding other books of a similar nature made me curious as I never had a thought like that in my life. So I guess this is that whole vampire/werewolf thing for Jane Austen fans. I never understood “Twilight” either.
Well, that was random. And if you know why everyone likes Mr. Darcy so much I would love it if you’d explain it for me.
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