Black belt brother

Okay, today is the day my brother becomes a third degree black belt! Which is a huge accomplishment by the way. He is going to get his own class to teach at the martial arts academy, which is really awesome since he really likes kids. They love him too, something to do with his ultra-cool Justin Bieber-like hair. Just kidding!
Right now I'm reading "Sunlight and Shadow," by Cameron Dokey. It's not a Christian book, it's a re-telling of a fairy tale.
I always loved fairy tales, the heroes were always so romantic and doing brave things. And they were the only kind of story my brother and I could agree to have my mother read to us, as I liked the pretty princesses and their princes, and my brother liked the parts where the hero would kill the dragon or chop off the evil troll's head. Enough said. Brothers like stuff like that.

Ya'll come back now ya hear?

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