Colonial Courtship by Carla Olson Gade, Laurie Alice Eakes, Lisa Karon Richardson, and Amber Stockton ~ Review

Colonial Courtships

Lucie's Review: Four brothers find wives in this Colonial collection.

An enjoyable read from four lovely authors. I loved how well each of these stories fit together and the consistency with the characters that showed up in each of the novels.

Carving a Future by Carla Olson Gade is the story of Nathaniel, who is the oldest of the Ingersoll sons, and Constance, a young woman taken to be an indentured servant against her will.
Can love bring them together despite the obstacles in their way?

I really liked how this story introduced me to most of the main characters and the setting. The characters were really likable, and with Constance it was easy to understand where she had come from and that it was hard to adjust to being a an indentured servant, plus there were some pretty funny bits about her adjustment.

I really liked Nathaniel's mother and how she prayed for each of her sons to find the right woman :) A really sweet tale with twists and turns along the way!

Trading Hearts by Amber Stockton tells the story of Jonathan the second son, during a storm he takes shelter in an inn meeting Clara, who just may be his match!

What I liked about this story was how Jonathan dealt with the obstacles that Clara's brother put in his way. So Jonathan has to clear his name and prove himself to Clara. So it had a bit of a mystery and also a bit of a whirlwind romance to it!

I really liked Jonathan's character, because though most of the other brothers were introduced in the first story, Jonathan wasn't, because he was constantly traveling.

The characters were highly likable and I liked how the story moved along quickly :)

Over a Barrel by Laurie Alice Eakes

Sarah is on the run from a man who wants to marry her and take away her late husband's plantation. When Micah Ingersoll finds her daughter, Eliza in a barrel he is determined to help Sarah start a new life.
But could that new life include...him?

A sweet sort of antagonistic relationship, that moved along steadily and enjoyably. It was a bit hard for me to understand why Micah couldn't have been more understanding, though I did end up liking him :)

It was a sweet tale that I enjoyed.

Impressed by Love by Lisa Karon Richardson is the last in the series, and the story of the youngest Ingersoll son, Alden, who is a doctor who is press ganged onto a British ship to treat an injured man. There he meets the lovely Phoebe Carlisle the neice of the man he is tending. Will Alden be able to escape the British, and if he does escape will he be able to do so with his heart still intact?

This story had alot of suspense to it with Alden being held against his will, and the currents leading up to the Revolutionary War growing stronger.

Alden and Phoebe had to make choices and trust their futures to God, because often God's plan is not our plan, but it's better. I thought they interacted well, and that it had a touch of forbidden love to it which added to the tension!

Overall this was an excellent collection of novellas, about how three brothers found brides in the most unexpected ways and had to learn to lean on God's understanding an not their own. A most enjoyable read!

I received this book from Carla Olson Gade in return for an honest review. Thanks!


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