Gentleman of Her Dreams by Jen Turano ~ Review

Gentleman of Her Dreams
My Review: I couldn't stop smiling!

Charlotte is convinced that Hamilton Beckett, the widowed father of two, is the man for her. But when her childhood best friend walks back into her life to help her win over Mr. Beckett, she finds herself strangley conflicted. Will Charlotte ever find the Gentleman of Her Dreams?

I absolutely loved the characters in this introductory novella, Charlotte was lively and despite her antics, I found myself really liking her. Henry was the perfect compliment to Charlotte's impetuous nature, I adored him.

This novella was laced with a healthy dose of humor, and I just fell in love with Ms. Turano's lively writing style that kept me hooked, and not wanting to miss a single word. I just couldn't stop smiling while I was reading this story!

Overall, a completely charming prequel to Ms. Turano's A Change of Fortune, I loved meeting the characters that I look forward to seeing more of in the future in her novel. I guess the only thing I didn't like about this book was that it was too short and I didn't want it to end :) Filled with laughs and wit, I enjoyed every minute of Gentleman of Her Dreams!

I bought this book myself and reviewed it because I liked it!



  1. Yeah this was pretty much my exact opinion of this book! A Change of Fortune is amazing too!

  2. Nice review!!
    I'm currently reading A change of Fortune by Jen Turano and I also can't stop smiling (and reading).

  3. Wow, ladies, thank you so much for the great reviews:) Today's my birthday and all of you just made it so much better.

    Wishing you all the best,


  4. That's so awesome! I'm so glad that so many of you like it as much as I do!

    Thanks so much, everyone, for stoppping by!


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