Restored Heart by Jennifer A. Davids ~ Review

Lucie's Review:

When Anne discovers the secret behind her adoption, she decides to get out of town and goes to help her uncle by working in the university's library.
While working she meets Peter, a young man trying to escape his past.
Can Anne and Peter both let go of the past and move toward the future?

I was so happy to discover that this was the stand alone sequel to Ms. David's novel Wounded Heart, which I had immensely enjoyed. Restored Heart, was also a treat! It was a bit slow to start, but after I figured out who Anne was everything clicked into place for me.

In this story I got to get to know both Anne and Peter, and while they didn't neccessarily spend as much time together as I would have expected, I really liked the characters and I liked how there was so alot of story packed into a small book. There were twists and surprising turns along the way, that were fun and intriguing.

Overall, a lovely novella that I thoroughly enjoyed. I loved how the story involved horses and how both Anne and Peter grew in their faith over the course of the story. A lovely novella that was both heartwarming and moving.

I received this book as a gift and was not required to review it.

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