To Whisper Her Name by Tamera Alexander ~ Review

To Whisper Her Name (A Belle Meade Plantation Novel)

Lucie's Review:

Olivia is  newly widowed, and trying to get out from under the dark cloud that her late husband cast on her and those surrounding them, so she flees to her "Aunt Elizabeth" at Belle Meade plantation planning to become a housekeeper. On her way there she comes upon Ridley Cooper in the most unusual of circumstances.
Ridley Cooper has a dream of going west, but first he wants to learn how to train horses from a man called Uncle Bob at Belle Meade. But Ridley has a secret that could destroy everything...

When this book came in the mail it was so much longer than I had thought that it would be, but don't let the length scare you! I absolutely loved the characters and how they grew throughout the course of the story.

Ridley had alot to learn about horses and women, and he learned that just like you don't want to rush into a relationship with a horse, you don't want to rush into a relationship with a woman either. Olivia struggled to find her place again and escape the shadow that her late husband cast on her life. I really liked the character of Uncle Bob, because he was a smart and sensible man who had lived and learned.

To Whisper Her Name was an engaging read, and I found that the pages flew by far faster than I would have imagined. The book as a whole was just so well developed, and excellently executed, which says oh-so-much about all the little details that add up into a magnificent book.

Overall, this book was a complete experience, that was so thoroughly researched. And it was cool to see a small tie-in to Ms. Alexander's other series A Lasting Impression (Belmont Mansion Series). I loved the horses and how much of a huge role they played in the story. An amazingly excellent read, that I highly recommend!

I received this book from the publisher in return for an honest review. Thank you!!!



  1. Glad you liked this one too! It was worth the wait.

  2. Indeed, she did! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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