Oliver Twist from Focus on the Family Radio Theatre ~ Review

My Review: An excellent production of one of Dicken's best known tales!

Oliver is a poor orphan, who falls on misfortune, but brings light to every situation. Will Oliver ever find a family to call his own?

A full cast brings the world of Oliver Twist to life in a evocative radio drama! Focus on the Family has a way of bringing out the heart of the story in a way that no other production has done thus far.

The full cast does a terrific job of bring the characters to life, along with the realistic sound effects. This is the kind of tale production that can be enjoyed by the whole family, though I will briefly mention that as this was Oliver Twist there were brief drinking references and violence. I would probably recommend this one for ages 8 & Up.

Overall, this was a thrilling experience that kept me up late listening because I wanted to hear the outcome. I will certainly be listening to this drama many times over in the years to come, because it was such a well-done rendering of this well known tale. I would highly recommend this excellent production of Oliver Twist! (It would make a terrific gift!)

I received this product from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

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