Hey there! I had a great time at the Creation conference, I saw a good friend there whom I have not seen in forever! I also learned about 3 ways to make an ape man (all man made) - since God obviously didn't! I also learned about the intricacies of the ears and eyes, and how non of it could have evolved slowly over time by "Dumb luck!" I'm a very conservative teenaged homeschooled girl, if you didn't already know that. And yeah, I'll admit there weren't many kids there and the ones that were, were homeschooled. But I am extremely blessed with this opportunity.

Just so you know, I'm taking the time to be crazy and random because next week will leave little time for that. But don't worry, I'll post!

And just because I like ya'll here's a joke (it's not that funny):

Now there once was a lady who didn't know much about computers and her computer was going crazy on her, so she called the geek squad. Now the young man who came to work on her computer needed an access code, so he asked the lady, "Ma'am what's your access code?"

And she replied, "Mickey, Minnie, Daffy, Donald, Pluto, Bugs, Kermit, and Washington D.C."

"What made you choose that for a password?" the curious young geek asked, confusion creasing his brow.

"Well, it told me to use 7 characters and 1 capital!"

I know, that was bad but it's the best I can do right now. Have a great weekend!

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