Brigid of Ireland by Cindy Thomson ~ review

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Brigid is a pure hearted, slave in early Ireland. She longs for the love of her mother who was taken away from her when she was very young. But she is not alone; she has God, the God of a man later to be known as Saint Patrick.
 Brigid confronts Pagan Druids, and helps the many down-trodden, during her search for her mother. Come along with Brigid into medieval Ireland where superstition is as rich as the loamy moss on the rocks. And God's voice is calling all who would believe. A warm read for most any age.

My Review: I found this book well-written, though at times, especially in the beginning chapters, a it choppy and a tad unnatural. But it got better, as the plot thickened. It wasn't until about half way though the book that I became engaged, after that the pages turned much faster.

I never really connected with Brigid, at times she seemed a bit self-righteous or her choices seemed to lack thought. But I can see where it would be hard to portray a person who was later sainted. And that brings up something else, this book had strong Catholic themes, which wasn't a bad thing. But since I'm not Catholic, I disagreed with some methods. But that was how it was in the early days of the church in Ireland.

I really liked the character of Brocca, I felt that her character was one of the best in the whole book. As well as that of a Druid named Bram. I didn't like the villian, Arden, but the author did a terrific job of making me not like him!

It was interesting to see the struggle between the early Christians and the Druid, drawn out so vividly and to learn about how so many people were living under foolish superstitions. I believe that Ms. Thomson presented a much different view than I have seen in similar books, and that was interesting to read. Overall I'm a bit lukewarm about this book, and would give it a 3 star rating. Thanks!

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I received this book from Kregel publishers for free in return for an honest review. Thanks Kregel.


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