Marshmallow Wars and Cattle Drives

Hi ya'll! Sorry that I couldn't get to the computer earlier, but here I am.
I thought you might like to hear the highlights of my trip. One of them was that it snowed, which is amazing since where I am now it is well  over 100 degrees. Yeah, we're all sweating it out!

Some of the highlights were the many cattle drivers I participated in, driving stubborn, dog-hating cows up mountains and across the prairie. Not to mention all the grand times I had with my cousins!
I did my cousins hair into cornrows, and we drove around in her truck blasting Katie Armiger's Best Song Ever.
But on the last day, my cousins (3 of them that is), Uncle T. and Uncle G., my brother, my dad and I had an all out marshmallow war! The marshmallows were stale, but not hardened into rocks yet. (My uncle stuck some in his ears and used them for ear plugs!) The marshmallows hurt a little when we got hit, but not too bad. But it was sooooooo fun!
There were also 4 crazy dogs (including mine) running around, barking their heads off and gobbling up marshmallows as soon as they hit the ground! The marshmallows did not help the dogs calm down.
In all I had a blast!
I rode horses nearly every day, and had a total blast, not to mention almost reading my head off!
I'll be posting everyday this week now to make up for the deficiency in posts the last 2 weeks. So see ya then!

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