Hey there! Just thought I'd check in and tell ya'll what going on in my life. Tomorrow I'm going to a Creation conference taught by Dr. Menton, and I'm really excited about that because I am really passionate about Creation, and Answers in Genesis, a Creation ministry. I've seen Dr. Menton so many times on DVDs and read his books so I'm really excited about actually seeing him!
I have some interesting posts coming up next week, so be sure and stop in!
I've been reading a really good book that has been on my list forever, Passion and Purity by Elizabeth Elliot and it details her struggles being patient and waiting to know if God's will was for her and Jim to be together. I love it already.
My cousin broke a ligament, and she's in some pain right now. Her horse fell on her. Please pray for her.
I'll try to post something tomorrow, thanks for stopping by!

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