The Truth about the Founding Fathers and Freemasonry ~ Part 1

Okay, so this is the first in a series called The Truth about the Founding Fathers and Freemasonry, but before we get started I want to make sure you know that I'm not a conspiracy theorist or trying to promote some strange, scary weird ideas, but simply set the record straight about this somewhat confusing and controversial topic. Also note that this is not a hate rant or anything of the kind.

First let me tell you that the truth looks nothing like the Disney blockbuster National Treasure. And actually, that movie is really misleading, so don't fall for it.

I'm sure you've heard a lot of stuff about the occult beliefs of the Freemasons and blah-blah-blah... I'm not going to go into that. Today is simply a brief overview of Freemasonry in today's world.

Okay a lot of you have probably seen a Freemason, but you might not have realized it. You've probably seen a Shriner right? Those older gentlemen in those red hat decorated with all kinds of pins and a long tassel, and who drive around in midget cars in parades, those gentlemen are members of the charitable branch of the Freemasons, called the Scottish Rite, or simply the Shriners. And I think everyone knows who Shriners are, they sponsor circuses and raise funds for Crippled Children's Hospitals, and other such organizations. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with that at all. But I do have a problem with the larger branch of Freemasons, which though it does not get involved in politics, holds with white knuckled fists to 2 particular politic positions (1) separation of church and state [not in the way that our Founding Father's originally meant, but in the liberal, secular sense that seeks to restrict religious expression], and (2) to replace religiously affiliated schools with secular government paid for, public ones.

Another thing that is a big this with Freemasons is their acceptance of all gods, whether Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian etc. For Freemasons all deities are recognized by one name G.A.O.T.U. (Grand Architect Of The Universe).

 Freemasonry is supposed to be a secret society but because so many ex-Masons have written expos`e books about Freemasonry, very few of their secrets are actually secret anymore. (Learning about all their cool handshake and secret signals is actually pretty fun).

Originally Freemason were actually  stone masons, men who actually built large buildings such as churches and cathedrals. A lot of masons back then were not freed men, but little more than slaves, so that's where the free came in, they wanted people to know that they were self-employed.  But today, finding a Freemason who can actually carve stone would be quite a task.

But, later stone masons' work began to dwindle because of so many people choosing to build with wood and not stone, which was cheaper and much faster to work with. So it was then that Freemasons started accepting honorary members, who knew nothing of stone carving.

But one thing that I must point out is that women were not aloud to be Freemasons. There were so lodges that accepted women, but those lodges were never accepted as true Mason lodges. So, soon Freemasonry became something of a gentlemen's club.

Another thing I want to point out, is that Freemasonry was not founded on demonic worship as some believe, but rather, they held to strong Christian sounding codes such as, "Every mason shall cultivate brotherly love, and the love of God, and frequent the holy church." [Albert G. Mackey, A Textbook of Masonic Jurisprudence Illustrating the Written and Unwritten laws of Freemasonry]. But as many things do, it changed over time and became entirely something else.

By the 1700's Freemasonry had very much evolved in Europe to something called the Illuminati, which was very radical and liberal leaning. But American Freemasonry, as I shall call it from now on had branched off into something quite different. A highly religious group that listened to Christian sermons [there is no record of any other sermons  than a Christian ones being preached in an American Freemason lodge at an American Freemason meeting], often and many of whose members were Christian ministers. Mostly Episcopal. Members of other denominations actually said that American Freemasonry operated more of as the Episcopalian denomination's missional arm than it should have, leaving other [Christian] denominations out! Crazy huh? Now, this was the Freemasonry that the Founding Fathers would have been active in. But most of them weren't, or were inactive members!

That's all for today folks, this is getting long! I don't want to bust your brains in one sitting;) LOL!

Be sure to tune in later this week to learn, in detail, about early American Freemasonry and how it was different from the Illuminati, and why that makes all the difference!

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