The Truth about the Founding Fathers and Freemasonry ~ Part 4

Today we look into the truth of allegations of secret Freemason codes, signs and conspiracies as seen in movies such as National Treasure and read about in books. The short answer is: No. There are and were no such crazy conspiracies. But I don't expect you to take my word for it. I expect this series to pique your interest so that you will want to look into this more for yourselves. But a word of warning be very careful.

Okay, so you've probably all heard a little blurp (yeah, I meant blurp, so as not to be confused with a blurb, usually found on the back cover of a book), that sounds something like : During the early founding of our great nation the Founding Fathers built secrets signs and symbols into the very layout of our esteemed capital... Sorry to disappoint you but that's nonsense.

In this post I'm only going to cover three myths of secret symbols and such, the all seeing eye, the unfinished pyramid, and the Washington D.C. pentagram. I know there are countless other allegations, like false interpretations of Latin phrases and so on but, I think those are easier to look up for yourself, if you really want to know.

Let's start with the All-seeing Eye. I'm sure everyone has seen this one, it's on top of the unfinished pyramid, on the back of the one-dollar bill. The All-seeing Eye appeared for the first time on the great seal in 1783. The designers chose it because it "suggests the importance of Divine guidance in support of the American cause. The inscription Annuit Coeptis, translates as 'He God has favored our undertakings.'"  The Eye is a representation of Providence and how God is ever watching, it is encased in a triangle to symbolize the Trinity, only when it is not enclosed in a circle is it a Freemason symbol.

The first time the All-seeing Eye as a Masonic sign was in 1797, 14 years after it was used on the great seal! And also, when it was used by Masons it was used in the context of God watching, but being uninvolved, and also to promote a tolerance of all religions. It was also not encased in a triangle. So basically the Masons are the ones who borrowed it from the Great Seal!

Now on to the unfinished pyramid. Mason records say that the unfinished pyramid was at no time ever a Masonic symbol! In fact, "The unfinished pyramid means that the United States will always grow, improve, and build." To the designers of the seal the pyramid was the classic representation of strength and durability, also a great representation of the Triune God.

And last of all the rumored pentagram layout of Washington D.C. Well first of all there so many rumors that I'm just going to address 1 reason that makes it entirely unlikely. Here it is, Jefferson Memorial is rumored to be one of the points of  the alleged capital pentagram, but did you know that it (Jefferson Memorial) was not even build until 1943? And there were absolutely no plans for in it the 1791 blueprint. Not to mention that the location of Jefferson Memorial was underwater in 1791! Yeah, that's kinda of hard for those who make allegations about a secret pentagram in the capital to explain.

Just try and find a pentagram in the map below of Washington D.C.!

                                                  View Image
                                                 photo from www.wsanford.com/~wsanford/exo/ellipses ver2.html  

There isn't a distinct pentagram. Enough said.

Tune in for the final part in my 5 part mini-series on The Truth about the Founding Fathers and Freemasonry. In which we learn the who's who, and who weren't of early American Freemasonry and the Founding Fathers. The Answers might surprise you!

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