The Truth about the Founding Fathers and Freemasonry ~ Part 3

Okay, today is the day that we study the downfall of a admirably Christian based society, into something that is abhorred for its occult practices.

It all started in the year 1813, when American Freemasonry began recognizing other religions as the same or equal to Christianity. And that was just the beginning of the vast secular changes about to forever transform the face of American Freemasonry. It was around this time that speculative Masonry was integrated into the lodges, the tools of the mason (actual stone mason) trade were given extra "spiritual" meaning. For example, the level became the symbol of "universalism",the gavel came to represent "breaking off...all vices and superfluities of life," and the trowel to mean, "spread the cement of brotherly love...unites us a sacred band."

By the year 1825 American Freemasonry had changed dramatically. There were even Anti-Masonic groups formed as a result of the murder of Capt. William Morgan of New York, that followed the announcement that Mr. Morgan planned to publish a book revealing all the secrets of the Freemasons and the reality of what it had become. He was murdered by Masons.

 After that scandal, a mass exodus of Christians from the American Freemasons occurred, and many recanted their association with the Masons. In fact because of opposition to the Freemasons, a whole new political group arose, which is known as the Anti-Masonic Movement. They won multiple legislative seats, and even put up their own candidate for president in 1832, a former Mason, who had recanted his affiliation, William Wirt. For a full decade (1825-1835) the Anti-Masonic group continued it's passionate opposition of Freemasonry. Lodges that had once had as many as 480 members dwindled to 49.

But in 1835 Mason membership began to slowly increase. During the years of low membership, without the Christians there to stop them, the more radical Freemasons who stayed made drastic changes to Freemason culture. A doctor named Albert Mackey gave up medicine to devote himself to rebuilding the Mason societies. He rose quickly in the ranks during those years and became the Grand Master of the United States (the head honcho of American Freemasonry). Mackey is know for introducing the mystic/pagan aspects of Freemasonry, through his numerous literary works. Albert Pike is another man who was responsible for the dramatic change to American Freemasonry, he wrote much of the modern Masonic literature which openly integrated outright pagan rituals into the Freemason lodges, adding in mysticism and occult practices. He also wrote much of the Freemason lore. It is also interesting to note that Albert Pike is credited with writing most of the rituals for another infamous cult, the Ku Klux Klan.  By the 1870s much of the modern rituals and famously occult practices were in place, almost a full century after the time of the Founding Fathers.

So as you can see, the occult practices often associated with the Freemasons were not put into practice until around the 1870s. So it was impossible for the Founding Fathers to have participated in such frightening things. So we see the vast changes that accumulated into a horrible monster that a strongly Christian club, that prayed and listened to sermons at meetings, to a cult of horror and mysticism. If you missed my post about the strong Christian beliefs of the Masons of old {CLICK HERE} Tune in later to find out if there is any truth to the myths of Mason conspiracy.


  1. It's crazy -- and pretty unnerving -- to think that something can change so dramatically. Interesting post; I knew next to nothing about the Freemasons, so this cleared a lot up.

  2. Jenna, I'm so glad it helped you! I know, it's insane how things can change, and really sad. Thanks so much for commenting! The last 2 parts of the five part series, are coming next week!


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