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About the book: Science has immense cultural and intellectual authority in our sophisticated modern world. With this kind of cache, it must nevertheless be pointed out that not all statements by scientists are statements of science. Therefore such statements do not carry the authority of authentic science, even though it is often erroneously ascribed to them.

God and Stephen HawkingCommonly written off as the inevitable clash between science and religion, the God debate is actually one between theism and atheism, where there are scientists on both sides. With a remarkable surge of interest in God that defies the so-called secularization hypothesis, it could well be that it is precisely the perceived failure of secularization that is driving the God question ever higher on the agenda. Book after book is being published on the subject by prominent scientists, as Francis Collins, Richard Dawkins, Robert Winston, etc. But were Galileo, Kepler, Newton and Maxwell, to name a few, really all wrong on the God question?

With such a lot at stake we surely need to ask Hawking to produce evidence to establish his claim. Do his arguments really stand up to close scrutiny? Has the Grand Master of Physics checkmated the Grand Designer of the Universe?

In lively, layman's terms, Lennox guides us through the key points in Hawking's arguments-with clear explanations of the latest scientific and philosophical methods and theories-and demonstrates that, far from disproving a Creator God, they make His existence seem all the more probable. Lennox's book is a great resource for Christians, churches and those in ministry who seek to educate themselves and open authentic dialog with those who question.
God and Stephen Hawking (Kregel Publishers, September 2011,ISBN: 9780745955490, $5.99).
About the author: John C. Lennox
John C. Lennox is Fellow in Mathematics and the Philosophy of Science at the University of Oxford, and author of the bestselling God's Undertaker. He lectures on faith and science at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. He has lectured around the world, including in the United States for Ravi Zacharias; in Austria; and in the former Soviet Union. For more about John C. Lennox, please visit http://johnlennox.org

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My review: This book is energetically written and you can immediately feel his passion for this subject. Mr. Lennox refutes Mr. Hawking using logic and reason, adding humor and common sense. I really liked his energy throughout the entire book, his train of reason was easy to follow along with and I enjoyed the straightforward style of his writing, as if he were talking right to me. I felt that he argued well and that I learned somethings about other worldviews that I'd never thought about before. I also appreciated how he he stayed right on topic throughout the entire book.

On the negative, and I really don't like to say things that are negative but I felt that I had to speak up. In this book Mr. Lennox briefly mentioned the timeline of Creation and implied that nobody knows how much time it took and that it could have taken 13.7 billion years. This goes against my beliefs, I believe in a literal 6 day creation as written in the Bible. I felt that Mr. Lennox should have stood up for a literal 6 day creation, though I applaud him for boldly speaking out for unique Creation by the One and Only God, a thing that too few people do these days.

Overall I thought that this was an engaging read, that was easy to understand, and I learned a lot! But I would advise this book to be read with discernment, by a teenage and adult audience. Thanks!

*To avoid a conflict of interest I must, in order to comply with the FTC, inform you that I received this book for free in exchange for my help promoting this book and my honest opinion. I was not required to give a positive review. So this is my honest opinion. Thanks!

And a special thanks to Litfuse Publicity and Kregel Publishing for my complimentary copy!

P.S. I'm sorry about not posting yesterday, I was reading this book!

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