The Dark Legion by Michael Holladay ~ Review

The Dark Legion
My Review: A swift moving story, filled with mystical creatures and a fast moving plot!

Thareous is a young man, with a huge destiny before him. His journey takes him on many paths, with still more paths before him to choose from. Met with many tempations, and obstacles along the way, Thareous and his newfound friends must fight for Keiratha.
It took awhile for me to "get used to my surroundings" but when I did, this books sped by. I could totally see reading The Dark Legion aloud, because there are so many great lines that just beg to be spoken in bold British accents!

This book was written in a unique style, that I will admit took me some time to adjust to, I would say that this book has a lilt to it that would greatly appeal to those who like a classic medieval tales. There were vivid descriptions of the various settings, painted with such precision of word choice and usage. The setting descriptions were probably my favorite part, because I could actually feel it and see it, as if it were before me on a movie screen.

This tale is a tale of the battles between good and evil, and the temptations of living for one's own selfish desires. A couple things that I will note is that this book does have magic, dragons, and a various assortment of other mystical creatures, and that there are "Fates" who are credited with effecting destinies, even though there was an allegorical God-like figure and an evil, power grasping Devil-like figure. So that was the one thing that baffled me, and made me conflicted about this book. I will also note that I found one use of "d--n."

Overall, I would recommend this to fantasy lovers, who have a spot in their hearts for the classics. One thing that I thought was cool, was how eloquently the characters spoke, with using some words that I'd never even heard before, of course I had to look them up! The Dark Legion is a fast-moving tale about the choices that we make, who will we serve?

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. It was not required that I give a positive review, but only that I give my thoughts and personal opinions. Thanks.


  1. I'm very pleased with the forthrightness of this review. Great job, Faye!

    As for the part with the Fates, I'm planning on making a lesson out of that in a later book. But The Dark Legion without a doubt presents itself from a standard Christian worldview. =]

    1. You are very welcome :D

      Well that's great to know. Everything will probably be much clearer when the trilogy is read as a whole.

      Yes, I agree. And I really liked how you showed how evil can tempt us by making it look good for us at the time, and ultimately it is a choice between selfishness and selflessness.

      I wish you all the best as you continue on your writing of this adventure-packed trilogy :)


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