Heart's Safe Passage by Laurie Alice Eakes ~ Revell Blog Tour and Review

Heart's Safe Passage
My Review: A high seas adventure full of tension & romance!

Phoebe Lee has escaped her past, but now she must confront her fears for the future. Kidnapped by her pregnant sister-in-law, and the captain of an English ship, Phoebe struggles to accustom herself to her situation. Filled with romantic tension--yep that's where the Sea Captain, Rafe Docherty come back in--and adventure, Heart's Safe Passage is a tale of love and intrigue, with many mysteries to discover.

This book is loaded with romantic tension, and intrigue. Lots of surprises await you inside the covers of Heart's Safe Passage. One of my favorite things about Laurie Alice Eake's books is how you never know if the heroine can trust the hero, well he might be the hero, he might not. You never know!

I had a hard time getting into this book, but by the time I reached page 130 I was in. Great story, with wonderfully flawed characters. Sometimes though, I will admit,  that I questioned the reason behind some of Phoebe's actions near the beginning, though I suppose most of that could be chalked up to the sea sickness.

One of my favorite characters was Mel, a charming young lady right on the brink of womanhood, she was so well done in that at times she could be so wise, and at others nothing short of delightful!

Overall, a good read, albeit slow to start. But if you've read Ms. Eake's books before and loved 'em, then you're sure love enjoy her latest, Heart's Safe Passage.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5

With thanks to the publisher and Donna Hausler for providing me with this review copy. I was not required to give a positive review, but only to state my honest opinion of the book in question. Thanks :)

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