Cowgirl Trail by Susan Paige Davis ~ Review

Cowgirl Trail
My Review: An authentic Western for the Rancher in all of us.

Maggie Porter return home from her travels after the death fo her mother, to find the ranch in peril, and the ranch hands on strike.
Who can Maggie trust? What is the truth?
Alex as the foreman, of the Rocking P Ranch is completely torn. Should he side with the workers who are being treated unfairly or with his unusually inconsiderate boss. If he sides with the men will he lose his shot for love with the boss's daughter, Maggie?

Cowgirls, Cowboys, Horses, Cattle, and wide open prairie. What more does a person need? As a girl who loves to spend her summers on a ranch, riding horses and herding cattle, I found Cowgirl Trail surprisingly authentic and relatable. Horses and Cattle are so easily spooked, and accidentally leaving a few head behind is pretty much inevitable on a long drive, no matter how well you ride and plan it.

Wrapped inside this wonderfully western blanket, was a sweet romance between Maggie and Alex. And their choices were in my mind believable, and totally reasonable. I even found that I could relate much of this story to what's going on in the ranching world today. The cost of running a ranch is going up all the time, add to that the emergency medical bills, and you've got a ranch at risk.

Overall, a well written tale, and actually the best of Ms. Davis' books that I've read so far :) A determined heroine, and a honorable hero, combined in a western atmosphere...And you've got a winner on your hands! Great for anyone who wants to have a good old fashioned western adventure.

Final Rating: 4.25 out of 5

I received this book from the publisher in return for an honest review. It was not required that my review be positive, but only that I state my honest opinion. Thanks :)

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