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The Dark Legion

Hello there! Today I have an interview with the author if the new Christian Fantasy,

About Michael Holladay:
Growing up the fourth of six sons in the tiny community of Ben Franklin, Texas, Michael's home education afforded the opportunity for individualized studies more suited to his personal interests. He discovered his love for words at a young age while completing a wordsmith program and began writing The Dark Legion at age fourteen. Michael continues his research and work to complete the trilogy.

Onward to the interview!

First off, could you please share with us how you got started writing. When did you know that you wanted to be an author?

Growing up I always had this sensation to create new visions and experiment with words. I mostly got to do this with school projects, because I'd otherwise be outside with my imagination going off. But over the years I learned that I could capture those stray thoughts and form them into a vivid telling of a story, or only in part by describing a scene. I would also peruse a dictionary or thesaurus for words and synonyms, which helped in part to develop further creativity. I think I always knew I had the ability to become an author, but it took me several years to realize that would be more than a possibility, and as I envisioned the characters and storyline, I began writing The Dark Legion at age fourteen.

What inspired your debut novel, The Dark Legion?

It was actually reading Eragon by Christopher Paolini that inspired me to write The Dark Legion. But soon afterward I started Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and  I enjoyed and learned from its very distinctive form of writing. I borrowed that style and applied it in the setting and dialogue of the characters. That's where the formal manner of speaking—even the parts of narration—came from.

Were there any scenes or situations in the novel inspired by real scenarios in your life?

There's only one thing I really took from real life and inserted into the line of the story: my protagonist, Thareous. He's become a figure I can relate with so easily, as he experienced the same internal struggles I've had throughout the course of his journey.

Otherwise I recognized the personalities of some people that I know personally emerging from other characters from time to time. For example, I can see the insight of my father coming through in some of Ianvorr's responses, even certain qualities in my friends that are almost arcane and they remind me of the elves.

What do you hope your readers will take away from your novel?

The story stresses on the dangers of us turning toward Self (temptation) and living by our own standards. Unfortunately, temptation is everywhere, and the situation my characters are in bring out the dangers of heeding to it. In The Dark Legion, I created storylines that help the reader recognize the power and consequences of the choices we make, whether good or bad.

Was there anything you learned while writing The Dark Legion that you would like to share with your readers?

For myself, the biggest lesson I took from the events of this story was definitely to be aware of my own personal choices. Poor decisions are prone to backfire with drastic consequences, possibly hurting someone profoundly with words or angering them within where it won't show. Thus I found it imperative, and prayed for daily reminders think before I acted or spoke.

Any advice for aspiring authors?

Yes. I would encourage everyone to write stories that benefit society. We need leaders to encourage believers to maintain faith and urge others to follow Christ's examples and teachings instead of focusing on Self, which leads to actions and decisions based on selfish desires and not the ultimate good of others. Denying Self is one of Christ's focal teachings, not only in His words but ultimately by His sacrifice for mankind.

Where can readers connect with you?

Thank you so much Michael, for the wonderful interview. I wish you much sucess with your book, and the many more to come!

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