Protection for Hire by Camy Tang ~ Review

Protection for Hire
My Review: Tessa struggles to put her past as a Japanese Mafia agent, behind her, and build a new life in Jesus Christ. Unable to find a job after being released from jail for man slaughter, Tessa is surprised to find a job, as a bodyguard for her new friend, Elizabeth St. Amant, a woman in hiding from her abusive husband.
But as the danger grows, Tessa finds herself joining forces with the man who sent her to jail for maximum time, for a murder she didn't commit.

Protection for Hire is a book filled with snappy, slightly sacastic dialogue, that had me chortling with amusement. I liked how realistically Tessa's life was after she'd come to Christ and gotten out of jail. It wasn't all happy-happy, or  perfect; it was tough. A constant struggle.
Filled with action, though at times I felt like I didn't truly understand what was going on--maybe more back story?

Overall Protection for Hire was read different from what I would normally read, because it was a Romantic-Comedy and a Suspense book. A fun book, though at times it was hard for me to get into it.
Personally, this probably wasn't for me. Though I would recommend it to others. :D

Final Rating: 3.8 of 5

I received this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.

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