Book Recommendations from My Brother, A Teenage Guy

Hey there, Faye here, today I am featuring my brother's recommendations. People have often said that they don't write enough Christian books for guys, let alone teenage guys, like my brother, who also happens to be a sort of picky reader. So if anyone here is looking for a good book to leave under the nose of a young man in your life, be it your son, brother, yourself, or otherwise. So let's get started!
Here is my brother's list of Christian Fiction reads for guys, in no particular order. I offered to let him write the list, but he declined, so y'all are stuck with me. :P
Invasion (C.H.A.O.S., #1)C.H.A.O.S. series by Jon Lewis.

This is a fairly new series, that I introduced to my brother to, but it really got him hooked! After reading the first book, Invasion and rushing onto Alienation, Leo asked me, "Can you get me the rest of them?" Sad to say, I had to tell him that the other books had not been released yet. Then he said, "Why'd you get me stuck on this series if I can't read it all at once, I have to know how they defeat the aliens!"

A book about aliens might bother some parents, so yes, there is that to think about, but I was happily surprised at how clean the book was, not alot of gore at all or any "mushy people" as my brother would say, and Colt's Grandpa was pretty awesome. You can read my review of Alienation HERE

In the Hall of the Dragon KingThe Dragon King Saga by Stephen R. Lawhead

Wings of DawnIt all begins with In the Hall of the Dragon King, this series has it all, action, adventure, knights, honorable heroes, faith, and friendship. This is a series that I read first and then passed on to my brother who read them faster than I did! First I think that I should clear up a few things, there are no dragons in this book, and the magic that is in this book is considered evil. I know that dragons are kind of controversial in Christian Fiction, but depsite the title I am happy to report no real dragons, only the one on Quentin's standard. This is another tale  without any mush. I think that's why Leo liked it :) You can read my review for the second book in the series, The Warlords of Nin HERE.

Wings of Dawn by Sigmund Brouwer (Also published as Magnus)

This is probably my brother's all time favorite book. He reads it at least twice a year, and has been doing so since he was eleven. It is a bit slow, I will admit, for the first 8 chapters, but then it's off! There are knights, and Arthurian legends, Druids and all sorts of good stuff. There is this "magic" which is actually just science :) There are 2 instances of mild cursing, that one might also want to be aware of. The adventure just takes off and suddenly it's almost impossible to put the book down, (even when after I'd read it a couple times before! ) There are pulsing mysteries, and heart-stopping chases within the covers of this fantastic book.

Evening StarThe Ghost Rider Series by Sigmund Brouwer
If you are looking for a good old fashioned western that will keep you guessing till the end, then this series would be a terrific bet. I think my brother has read the series a total of five times. There are four books in the series. My dad and I have also read the series, these are definitely great reads.
It has a goold old fashioned western flavor, but is remixed into a totally fresh story. My brother has often commented on how they don't write that many cowboy book written for guys anymore, and I would have to agree.
So if you are looking for an action-packed western, Leo and I both give this one two thumbs up!
Raising Dragons (Dragons In Our Midst, #1)

Dragons in Our Midst Series by Bryan Davis

Now I know that for alot of people dragons being portrayed as good in Christian fiction is a controversial subject. So I will only mention briefly that I have not actually read this series as I have with the others, but it was a series that my brother immensely enjoyed. He usually comsumed these books in about a day, often reading late into the night. He did enjoy them, but I remember him telling me that the dragons being portrayed as good concerned him.  So I guess this is a bit more of a heads up about this one.

Waterfall (River of Time, #1)
The River of Time by Lisa T. Bergren

At first my brother was a bit put off by the girls on the covers, but her gave them a shot, (in the privacy of his own home, of course) and loved 'em! I actually haven't these either but I am planning to do so eventually! Leo told me that there are some pretty cool knights, and plenty of action scenes. He is now counting down the days till the final book, Tributary, comes out :)

By Darkness Hid (Blood of Kings, #1)Blood of Kings Trilogy by Jill Williamson

Oh, my brother and I LOVED this series! We were contantly arguing over who could read the last two books first, finally we had to agree to a schedule and both of us finished it in less than two days which is really good for a pretty good sized book :) The action was non-stop and there just weren't any "good stopping places" :D

I will mention in passing that there is this gift that the main characters have, called, blood voicing, which is a means of communnication between only those who are so gifted. It's sort of like telepathic communication.

But overall, this is one of the best series I have ever read, an intricate plot and neverending action!

Well that's all for this post, these are not all of my brother's favorites, only a small sampling.
But I hope this gave you some suggestions if you are trying to get a guy in your life to read more :)


  1. Thank you for this list! I'm always looking for books that I will enjoy AND be able to put on my boys' bookshelves. :) I'm definitely going to check these out.

  2. You're welcome! I hope you find some in there that you like!


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