World History - Observations and Assessments from Creation to Today by James P. Stobaugh ~ Review

World History: Observations & Assessments from Creation to Today

My Review: The best history curriculum I have ever done!

Engaging, fascinating, and well written. A history book that really caught and kept my attention. I have struggled with finding a good curriculum for World History, because often even the Christian ones would stress evolution as a fact, which would instantly tune me out. But this course relates history in an anything but dry way focusing on making the student comprehend what they are learning and there isn't any evolution!

This text book includes Bible accounts as history and not only gives a history of many civilizations but a study on what their worldviews were and America's beliefs today. It effortlessly expresses a solid Christian worldview. I also liked how the assignments focused on making sure that I understood what I had just read instead of tons of questions and tests.

Overall a book that I would highly recommend for homeschoolers. This course covers from Mesopotamia to present day, I loved how it worked on cultivating a Christian worldview, so there was a lot on events that shaped how we live today. A wonderful that will grow your student's understanding of history and the world around us. I think this would be a great resource for students who, like me do a lot of reading and are already pretty well informed about history, but need to fill a few gaps. This course was perfect for me!

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!


  1. Great review. I also review for them but my kids are too young for this one yet. :O)

    1. Thank you. They are a pretty awesome book reviewing club. Maybe someday!

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