Hailee by Penny Zeller ~ Review


Lucie's Review: A wonderfully paced sweet romance.

 Once a thief on the streets of Cincinnati, who stole to feed herself and her two younger brothers. Hailee comes to Pine Haven, Montana, to be a schoolteacher.
The handsome young preacher, Nate, quickly becomes her most loyal ally.
Who knows what Hailee might find on the Montana prairie!

My favorite of the Montana Skies Series, Hailee is something of a sweet romance, with likable characters and a pleasantly swift moving plot. I really like how the relationships progressed naturally, and there were moments of good natured humor.
I really liked how Nate didn't let himself be formed by his upbringing, because he could have been a really uppity person, like his folks, but he was a totally down-to-earth guy. Hailee was a wonderful heroine and I liked the way she never gave up looking for her brothers, and had a strong faith to fall back on.

Overall a charming tale, with warm characters. I liked how it was a sort of tale of trusting God and his providence, because if she hadn't obeyed God and came to Montana, she would have missed out on many of the blessings he had in store for her. A lovely read.

I won this book, and am reviewing it because I liked it!

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