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Waiting for Sunrise: A Cedar Key Novel
Lucie's Review:

Patsy is a woman with a troubled past, who struggled with depression. Patsy looks back on her life and what led her to the edge, remembering the ups and down alike.

Written in a wonderfully readable style, Ms. Everson draws the reader effortlessly into the the life of Patsy Milstrap. And what a hard life it was, and that's what made continuing to pick up this book so hard, because it was so much of a downer. To a point I got sort of frustrated with Patsy, because she was surrounded by so many good people, and God had used so many situations in her life for good, though the path there was painful, yet she became so swallowed up by the depression. I really couldn't relate to Patsy that well, to me she just wasn't that likable for me, partially because of certain things that have happened in my life, and how I didn't like how she reacted to some of the things that happened to her. I just couldn't reconcile her taking her children for granted, and that frustrated me a lot!

There were a lot of great characters around Patsy like her half-brother, her husband, her adoptive parents, and the lovely nurse, Gabby, who was with Patsy in the hospital, who were all wonderful people in her life. I guess for me what was really missing was more detail on Patsy's personal faith journey and how she finally came to God, after this entire journey it was kind of a let down for me though I can see how the author was trying to convey how, things were never really hunky-dorey.
I think that the author did a wonderful job of bringing the turbulent time during which this book was set to life (1940's-1960's).

Overall this was a totally mixed book for me, because it was so well written, but I felt like the way the book dealt with helping Patsy, was done in a very worldly manner, with lots of medication...which is really bad timing because I just read a book about the conscience numbing dangers of treating depression with pills, let me stop myself before I go into that! I also thought that this book has a very mature theme about it. So basically, this book was just not my type of book for so many reasons, and I personally never felt that it delved into the real depth that was sitting benneath the surface.

I received this book from the publisher in return for an honest review. Thanks.

“Available June 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

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