The Baron's Governess Bride by Deborah Hale ~ Review

The Baron's Governess Bride

Lucie's Review: A Regency Era Cinderella.

Grace Ellerby fears the disadvantages of being a young governess in the home of a titled gentleman that come with unwanted advances, so she comes up with a plan. Grace dresses herself as an bespecticled mousy, and meek woman, non-descript and unattractive.

Lord Steadwell, on the other hand is tired of his pretty young governesses running off and getting married, leaving his children without a governess. So he is more than happy to hire, the unattractive Miss Ellerby to care for his children. Great adventures await between the covers of this charming twist on Cinderella.

With a charming premise, The Baron's Governess Bride is an entertaining read from the very beginning. I found the situation to be realistic in that it probably wasn't the safest position for a young lady to be in, as a vulnerable woman in the house of a powerful man, so I thought that Grace's idea was genius!

I loved reading about Grace and her interactions with the children, from challenges to completely charming. It was wonderful to watch the characters grow, with both Steadwell and Grace overcoming scars from the past. 

This was a lovely book and I thoroughly enjoyed the inwoven threads of Cinderella that added a certain sweetness to the tale. Though it was a bit Cinderella-like, it was also a pretty believable plot (no singing mice here!) for the setting and time. Overall, a wonderful Regency translation of Cinderella.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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