Finally! Pictures From My Vacation!

Y'all remember how I said I'd post some pictures of my trip? Well, here they are, though a bit late (hey, it hasn't been a week yet!). So here's a glimpse at my trip!

Kittens in the hood
Kittens & Cousins in the Loft

Fun with the kittens.

Aren't kittens cute?
Just look at Rue's blue eyes!

Brother looking artistic

The dogs are ready to play!

After a long ride.

Brother looking artistic again.

And again. I really like this one :)

"Let's take pictures of each other taking pictures..."

Taking pictures of people taking pictures.

My pony, not the best picture...
A better pic that makes her head look big...

Yep, that's an outhouse, we actually used it :)
Kinda looks pretty with the flowers in front LOL!

In this one you can see the tree growing out of the outhouse.
And I'll leave you with some flowers :)

Besides everything pictured we rode horses everyday, getting fence-jumping cattle out from where they weren't supposed to be, playing soccer with Jake the soccer dog (the black border collie pictured above), drinking lots of Kool Aid, Playing cribbage, Playing Skippo, and throwing wet pine cones at each other...(don't ask).

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