Back to Resolution by Rose Dee ~ Review

Back to Resolution
My Review: Easy paced read.

Bay is a young woman full of promise, but the death of her mother sends her tumbling over the edge into the hard partying life of a rich socialite. After a drunken argument with her step father, Bay agrees to his wishes that she leave for Australia.
In Australia Bay searches for her long lost father, and meets the mysterious hermit Flynn McKenna. Will Bay find what she is looking for on the island of Resolution?

This book caught my attention right away with it's easy to read style and vivid descriptions of the settings. I even liked that there was a touch of mystery to the tale! Yet, there were times when I felt that the story moved slowly for my personal taste, but I liked how the pace was probably more realistic than in most books. There were brief instances of implied cursing, and mild cursing, that I feel I should mention, as well.

There were alot of things to like about this book, yet at the same time I had difficulty relating to any of the characters, or sympathizing with them. I think the reason was that I felt that the plot asked for the characters to have a bit more emotional depth than they did. Though I did like how the characters weren't perfect at all and they had their flaws that made them human. As you can see I'm a bit mixed up about the characters.

Overall, Back to Resolution  was a book that was well written, but was rough around the edges. The descriptions were wonderful especially the ones about Australia. I think there are many readers out there who would whole-heartedly enjoy this pleasant, but tumultuous read.

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookCrash.com
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  1. Great, honest review. Hope you are having a great week! :O)

  2. Thank you for stopping by Diane! I am having a great week, and I wish you the same :)


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