The Search Committee by Tim Owens ~ Review

The Search Committee

My Review: A plethora of personalities!

Seven church members are on a mission, to find a preacher for their small Presbyterian congregation. A van of personalities could not be more mixed, come along with The Search Committee as they look for their next pastor and reminisce about days gone past.
Will they find the pastor of their dreams?

I loved the character diversity, and how each person had their own stand-out personality. I really liked getting to know the characters and when it went back to revive some of their memories was really great because through their memories I got to see another side of them or perhaps a bit of buried hurt.

There were many humorous parts, or even just the way that certain characters handled themselves in certain situations. This book felt like a small town read, even though the actual town wasn't really in the book, through the characters we could see the sense of community and diversity just through the few in the van.

Overall this was a highly enjoyable read, that was fun and really focused on the characters, we got to see how they each had different expectations for what they wanted to shepherd their congregation.
A relaxing read, that is also highly engaging.

No review required :)

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