Two Testaments by Elizabeth Musser ~ Review

Two Testaments: A Novel

My Review: A skillfully interwoven tale that though set many years past is more than relevant in today's world.

Political unrest between France and Algeria spark unrest and plenty of danger, Gabriella Madison finds herself caught in the middle. Gabriella courageously fights to protect the orphans under her care. Things only get tougher when her beau's former love and mother of his child arrives, to work along side Gabriella.

I loved how intricate the storyline was, and I will tell you now that it would be most helpful to read this series in order because reading this one without the first (Two Crosses) might be more than  a bit confusing. I loved how relevant this series is, though set in the 60's with everything that is happening  it is almost like it was happening today!

This book is also emotionally strong, with main characters having to make tough choices, and deal with the unrest around them. The characters were well done, and they were so realistically written that they felt like genuinely real people. I loved how deep each of them ran.

Overall this is not a lightly written book that will take you to another time and place, not too much unlike the world we live in today. I loved how there was so much going on and how it all came together, there were so many characters and I liked the complexity of this book. A book and series that I heartily recommend.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!


  1. Oh, sounds like one I'll check out. That is, after I get through my mountain of TBR... lol Glad you enjoyed it!

    1. LOL, yes we book lovers have huge TBR piles! Thanks, Rosie!

  2. I read the first two books in the trilogy over a long weekend, and I was so moved by these characters; so much so that these are going to the top of my Best of 2012 list. I am looking forward to book three!

  3. There was so much, I loved the emotional turmoil captured by Ms. Musser. I just got the third one for my kindle, and am excited to dig in!


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