A Family to Cherish by Ruth Logan Herne ~ Review

A Family to Cherish

Lucies's Review: Another terrific love story set in Allegany County.

High School sweathearts, Cam and Meredith were torn apart by the ruthless lash of gossip and judgemental townspeople. But God has given them a second chance. Cam is now a widowed single father of two daughters, and Meredith comes back to town to start her own beauty spa in the town she grew up in. Though they makes plans to avoid each other, in a small town they can't avoid each other for long!

Ruth Logan Herne is an expert at writing romance where sparks fly, with a good dose of fatal attraction. I loved how Meredith and Cam's relationship developed, and grew naturally, with plenty of great encounters. Not only is there a great relationship between Meredith and Cam, but the many other relationships are well crafted as well, like Meredith and her mother. It was wonderful to watch Meredith also develop a great relationship with Cam's daughters, Sophie and Rachel.

This is a tale that really tugs at the heartstrings, and there were so many characters that I came to love. This is my fifth trip to Allegany County, so I loved the mentions and connections with past characters, but one can certainly read this book without having read the other books, but I'm sure that after reading this one that you will want to!

Cam was just a terrific hero, he was just a wonderful father, and great guy, and even when he was sort of a jerk, he realized it and made things right as soon as he could.

Overall this was a terrific read, that had great romantic tension, and plenty of  *sigh* moments. I love how Ms. Herne does such a great job of weaving the family relationships, making the most of each character, so that there aren't any loose ends and the book feels so connected. I can't wait for the next time I will get to go back to Allegany County. My daughter really got me hooked on this series! Definitely a book well worth your time :)

I got this book from the public library, and I'm reviewing it just because I loved it so much!


  1. Great review! Now I must read it!

    Isn't this cover just adorable? I just love it! I'd buy this book on the cover alone and normally I do not do that!

    Blessings and Happy 4th!

  2. You must!

    It totally is! I love how more often than not Ms. Herne's books have adorable children on the covers!

    Thank you, and many blessings your way as well!


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