OOPS! by Bill Myers ~ Review

OOPS! (T.J. and the Time Stumblers, #3)

My Review: Good for a great time!

T.J. and her invisable 23rd Century friends, Tuna and Herby, are back in another rip-roaring hilarious adventure. T.J. struggles with thinking good thoughts about others, so when Tuna and Herby accidently make it so that everyone can hear each other's thoughts, you can only guess what will happen next...

These books are totally growing on me, which each book I have become more and more invested in the characters, and the hijinks only get funnier! I love how Mr. Myers writes his humor clean, miles away from the rude and insulting flavor displayed on the children's shows of today. A quick read that will keep a constant twitching smile on your face.

Overall, I enjoyed this third installment. The overblown cliches of the Queen Bee and School Bully are great! I would highly recommend this hilarious and wholesome series.

No review required, I checked it out at the local library. Thanks.

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