A Proper Companion by Louise M. Gouge ~ Review

A Proper Companion

Lucie's Review: One of the best heroines I have ever read!

After the detah of her father, Anna Newfield must take a job. Things start to look up when the Major Edmond Grenville offers her a job as the companion of his somewhat difficult mother, he feels that it is the least he can do after her brother went MIA after saving his life. Anna faces each new challenge with courage and determination, perhaps she may even find love?

I loved everything about this story! The characters were so well developed and I just loved how sensible and compassionate, Anna was. She was a strong Christian woman, who made rational decisions and was just so level headed in light of everything that got thrown her way. She really had a beautiful faith to fall back on. The character of Edmond's mother was really well done, and it was fascinating to find out more and more about her, like peeling back layer by layer, each one revealing the true woman beneath all the gruffness.

There were snatches of humor intermixed into the story as well, and I just loved how intricate the storyline was. There was alot going on, and there were so many layers, to this well written romance.
The interaction between Anna and Edmond progressed naturally and was well executed, I loved the touch of forbidden love added to the mix!

Overall this book was just terrific! One of the best Love Inspired Historicals I have ever read, and probably the best Regency Era novels too! I highly recommend snapping this one up before it's gone!

I got this book from the public library in my area, so I'm just reviewing this book because it was so good!

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