When Love Comes My Way by Lori Copeland ~ Review

When Love Comes My Way
Lucie's Review: Mixed feelings about this book that was in many ways charming.

Tess Wakefield, heir to a timber fortune, loses her memory after an accident and finds her self attractted to the cool and rugged lumberman, Jake Lannigan. Many incidents ensue, but will Jake and Tess be able to handle it when love comes their way?

As I said above I have mixed feelings about this book. I loved the setting and the oft-times humorous interactions between the characters, especially the teasing between Andre and Jake, and how the lumbermen reacted to having a woman among their midst! And I loved how determined Tess was to go along with the mix up -- because she didn't remember anything!-- and teach school, not to mention put up with a hoard of ill behaved children, who were far from the cute end of the spectrum!

To some extent I felt that Jake acted completely ungentlmanly and was just not much of a gallant hero, and while his actions may have made sense to him I thought it was rather unfair of him to take out his frustration at Tess on her, because she didn't remember who she was! And something that I really didn't like was how Tess formed the ladies of the community into a society, directing them to manipulate their husbands into building a new schoolhouse. In my opinion the way she went about it was just all wrong.

Overall, as I said above I really wanted to like this book, because there are some great parts, yet there are still some elements that I just get stuck on. One thing that I will note is that this book, though it is the second in a series, it has nothing to do with the last book, so picking it up out of order won't be a problem :) I can't give this book the glowing review that I wanted to, but I did like the interactions between some of the characters, and that everything did eventually get resolved :)

I received this book through a publicity program in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!

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