The Great Mogul Diamond : The Doppleganger Chronicles by G.P. Taylor ~ Review

The Great Mogul Diamond (The Dopple Ganger Chronicles, #3)

My Brother's Review:

Muzz Elliott is a writer who is being threaten by a mysterious source. And the crazy thing is that everything is happening just as it does in her latest suspense novel! Will the Dopplegnagers be able to help her before it is too late?

I have come to the conclusion that this is a series best read by teens or rather those over the age of twelve. Mainly, because of the dark themed illustrations and the veiled spiritual messages, as well as elements of murder and so on that I wouldn't let a younger kid read.

The Dopplegangers have a sort of guardian angel who is the source of much of the book's spiritual content, and they fight admirably for what is right.

Overall, these are books full of adventure and mystery, aimed at the teenage crowd. I'm not sure I could recommend these books as anything other than loads of fun, with an engaging format and style. Thanks!

This review was written by Faye's brother, who saw this book laying around and dove right on in. Plus he wanted to help out his sister by acting as guest reviewer while she is away :)

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