Love in Disguise by Carol Cox ~ Review

Love in Disguise

My Review: Every bit as wonderful as I hoped it would be!

Ellie Moore is an aspiring actress on the verge of poverty, so when she overhears two Pinkerton agents talking about their need for a woman to do a job in Arizona, Ellie knows that this might be the chance of a lifetime.
Stephen Pierce is the owner of a potential rich silver mine, in Arizona. He would be well on his way to success if only robbers wouldn't take every shipment...
Can Ellie catch the theives without blowing her cover?

Snagging my full attention from the first page, I knew from the first sentence that I was going to love this book. And boy, did I ever!
I really liked Ellie as a leading lady, she was determined, and likable who had a resourcefulness about her. The perfect heroine, who had me cheering for her from the first. In fact all of the characters were well written, and very full. And I loved "observing" them and trying to figure out who were the bad guys. I really liked how when Ms. Cox wrote bits about the bad guys, that she kept their identities secret, which I believe is totally the way to do it.  I have never liked knowing who was evil before the heroes did. So bravo, Ms. Cox, for keeping me in suspense!

The story moved rapidly, and I was easily engaged, even when my brother was blaring rap music in the car on the way home. I loved how the pages turned rapidly by, and how I was quickly consumed in the tale. This book had it all, a good mystery, romance, and some great humor!

Overall, I loved this book and it was every bit as wonderful as I had been hearing from all of my wonderful friends :) I loved the plot the characters...Everything! A book that I heartily recommend :)

I got this book at the public library so no review required here :)


  1. great review Faye. It's wonderful that your library had it. I wish mine carried Christian fiction!

    I'll watch for this book -won't forget the cover!

  2. Thank you, Debra! It's funny, but at mine I go and stuff the request box!

    Oh, you will enjoy it :)

    Thanl you for stopping by!


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