The Shadow Catcher's Daughter by Carla Olson Gade ~ Review

The Shadow Catcher's Daughter
Lucie's Review: Wow! What an adventure!

Eliana Van Horn and her father embark on a journey to mark the point of Four Corners, which contains, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. Eliana talks her father into letting her accompany him, and he finally relents if she dresses as a boy. Eliana wants to use this experience to make a name for herself, and gain photography experience. Along the way they meet the talented guide, Yiska, who quickly becomes Eliana's friend, and perhaps more?

High adventure and well developed romance, two of my favorite things, and this book has 'em both! Don't let the size of this book fool you, The Sun Catcher's Daughter is a full blown adventure that will leave you eager for more. This book has tons of action, and I thought that Yiska and Eliana had a really well built relationship.
For me the pages raced past and I was hesitant to put it down.
I also thought that the spiritual side of this book was well woven and entwined naturally with the story. I loved how Yiska came to see that God had been there working in his life all along, and how he came to faith in little nudges.

Overall this was a terrific read, from the numerous action sequences to the wonderfully developed characters and side characters. The main characters were very likable, and I loved how the side characters were so well done and made the book so much fuller as a whole. This book has alot between it's pages and there's plenty of action. I HIGHLY recommend this amazing debut from Carla Olson Gade. 5 stars!

I won this book, so a review was not required. I just reviewed it because I loved it so much!


  1. Lucie, you have made me very happy to read this wonderful review of my book. I am thrilled that you enjoyed the adventure and that the things you mentioned stood out to you, like Yiska's growing faith.

    You have a very special daughter, by the way. Faye blesses so many of us, just as you have blessed me with this great review.

  2. Carla, my mother will be pleased to know that you enjoyed her review! Thank you for stopping by, and for your many kind words!


  3. You're welcome, Faye! Please thank your Mom for me for the wonderful review. It pleases me that she enjoyed it so much.

  4. Carla, I will! And we will be looking for more books from you in the future :)


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