Switched! by Bill Myers ~ Review

Cover: Switched!

My Review: And T.J. thought things couldn't get any worse...she was wrong.

As if being being accidentally shaved bald wasn't bad enough, Tuna and Herby manage to switch Hesper Breakaheart, (T.J.'s archenemy) and T.J.'s bodies causing a series of hilarious and calamitous events to occur. But then, you probably know by now that it's never a dull moment with T.J. Finkelstein!

The laughs never stop in the 5th installment of T.J. and the Time Stumblers. A great middle grade book that can be enjoyed by multiple ages, I'm thinking of recommending these books to my younger friends :) I love how the humor is clean and a bit sarcastic, but not snarky.
The characters were perfectly overdone cliches that allowed me to laugh with them and the situations.

There's tons of action and lots of laughs. This book did a great job of representing everyday forgiveness for children and how we just have to let things go, and we can't hold on to the wrongdoing forever, because it will only make one bitter. A fun  series that was very entertaining to me :)

No review required, I checked this book out at the local library. Thanks!

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