Broken Body: Can Republicans and Democrats Sit in the Same Pew? by Charles D. Drew ~ Review

Body Broken: Can Republicans and Democrats Sit in the Same Pew?

My Review: This was a rather interesting book as you can already see from the full title of this book. I have seen how politics can divide Christians, and it is a totally sad thing to behold. I guess for me personally I felt like this book didn't deal with some of the things that I was hoping that it would, for instance what the Bible says, and perhaps instead of agruing just ask that someone would prayfully consider looking at what their Bible has to say about a certain issue.

This book was for the most part about how we shouldn't let something like politics separate us from the other members in our family of Christ followers. And though I do agree that we shouldn't go to church to tell people how to vote nor is that the main goal of the church, but I do believe that if the Bible speaks about a certain issue then we should not avoid it. But when talking about it, not talk about it from a political standpoint, but rather stand with the truth in the Bible.

I have noticed a growing trend in churches that I find rather sad, there are congregations named for their political parties. And I don't want to you to think that I am against people who do that, but I do believe, that as this book expresses no church should ever have a main goal of politcal power. Our main goal should always be to win unbelievers to Christ.

Overall, I would say that this book was about not letting politics divide the church of Jesus Christ, and how we should seek to love them, even if we don't agree with them and not bring those disputes to church. In my way of thinking I would have liked more if there had been a stronger focus on kindly pointing your brother or sister in Christ to the Bible whenever a conflict arises. I'm not sure that I can honestly recommend this book, but I think that the author make his case for church unity despite politics, for sure :)

I recieved this book from the publisher and B&B Media in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!

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