A Plain and Simple Heart by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith ~ Review

A Plain and Simple Heart

Lucie's Review: A Hilarious, Sweet Love Story

Rebecca longs to find love, she has been infatuated with Jesse for years. And when she hears that he is back in Lawrence, she jumps at the chance to see him again. But love might not be as simple as Rebecca thinks.

Having already read the first book in the series I was very excited to read this one about the younger of the sisters, Rebecca. But what is so great about this book is that you wouldn't need to read the first book to fully enjoy this mix of Western and Amish genres.

Rebecca has some hilarious adventures including run-ins with the Lawrence Temperance League and some really pinchy-pointy shoes!
I loved the humor and how it was a sort of sweet love story. And how Rebecca grew and matured throughout and she opened her eyes to real love.

Overall, it can't get better than this! Amish and Western fiction combined together in one rolicking adventure. I liked the way that this book was well paced and there was always something happening, because not only were there many hilarious adventures, but there was a good old fashioned western mystery as well. I like how this book showed that sometimes love isn't what you think it willl be, and that things in God's time always work out better. Colin was a really great admirable hero, who always tried to do the right thing, and has a dream of becoming a preacher.  This was a great read the really cheered me up and I just loved being able to be along for the ride. This is a book that I would happily recommend to anyone looking for a great adventure and a good laugh!

I received this ebook from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!

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