Her Surprise Sister by Marta Perry ~ Review

Her Surprise Sister (Texas Twins, #1)
Lucie's Review: Enter a family of secrets, and twins!

Violet is a young woman who has questions, and is looking for answers by finding her birth parents. When to her surprise she finds that she has an identical twin that she had never know existed.
Landon is shocked to find that his close friend and ex-fiance, Maddie has a twin. And is even more suprised to find that he is becoming drawn more and more to Maddie's twin, Violet.

Elaborate twists and turns, weave this Texas tale of twins together. The tale moved well, and it was a fast moving book, with a lot of things constantly happening. I think that Ms. Perry did a fantastic job of developing each of the many relationships that were being formed during the course of this book very well. I loved how the small town setting was developed and I liked how this book was more than a romance, because it had Violet and Maddie trying to build a sisterly relationship, and there was a mystery too!

Overall I think that this was a great openning to what I believe will be a great series.  The pages turned steadily, and things kept happening to keep the book moving throughout. The characters interacted well with each other.The only complaint I have is that the story left me hungry for more answers and eager to read the next installment about Maddie. I pretty sure that now I am going to have to read the whole Texas Twins series!

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!

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