Problems in Plymouth by Marianne Hering and Marshal Younger ~ Review

Problems in Plymouth

My Review: Perfect for young readers!

Chances are that the kids in your life have heard and fallen in love with the Adventures in Odyssey audios, and the kids' many Imagination Station adventures. Well there's a whole new book series of adventures for young readers.

Patrick and Beth's adventure finds them in 1621, where they meet many historic figures and stumble into another adventure! When food and muskets go missing the Pilgrims fear that the Indians may be planning a war, but Patrick and Beth know who is really responsible. Will they be able to expose the truth and prevent a war?

This is the perfect read for children that are growing in confidence with their reading, ages 7 and up. I have many younger friends who have said that these books are simply the best. Also there are a few moms that I know who have said that they had a hard time tearing their reluctant reader from the pages of these books. So I thought I'd give 'em a whirl to see if they were something that I could recommend. And I am happy to say that they are! I loved how this book had nice big print and simple words yet still conveyed a great story with lots of actions and a great lesson for young readers. The Adventures in Odyssey franchise has found another winner. Reading it brought me back to my younger days listening to Adventures in Odyssey. Though I was a bit surprised that there were characters I didn't recognize at the forefront. I guess I'm getting old!

Overall this is a book, and series that I would heartily recommend to my younger friends, and to parents who want to get their kids reading!

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