Chasing Dream by Dandi Daley Mackall ~ Review

 Chasing Dream
My Review: A cute read for young horse-lovers.

Ellie James is determined to prove that her horse, Dream, is the best horse in the area after an incident at school where Dream mysteriously was found in the school library.
Ellie divises a plan  to show everyone how great Dream is by setting up a race, but along the way near tragedy takes place and Ellie learns valuable lessons about faith and trusting in God.

This is a well written novel printed in an easy to read format for young readers.
I believe that young horse-lovers will be especially drawn to this story. They may even be a bit jealous of Ellie's "backyard horse" I know I wish I could keep my horse in the backyard!
The characters were well done, and I liked how relate-able Ellie was as a character and how great and supportive her family was.
This book carried a solid message, about knowing God is there through the hard times and through the good, which only adds to it's appeal.

Overall, this is a book that will charm and delight young horse-loving readers, full of heart and real-life lessons. A book that I happily recommend!

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