Voyage with the Vikings by Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker ~ Review

Voyage with the Vikings
My Review: A perfect read for your young Adventures in Odyssey fan!

Patrick and Beth stumble across a letter in Mr. Whattaker's Imagination Station threatening to imprision a mysteryious Albert if the sunstone is not found and delievered. Beth and Patrick embark on a rescue mission to find the sunstone and save Albert!

As a church library assistant, I like to keep my eyes out for great children's books with both a sound message and lots of adventure, and these books make the cut. I love how they learn lessons about God while going back in history and learning about the past. In this one they even meet Leif Eriksson!

This series is targeted more toward children who have recently graduated from the I-can-read chapter books, to "real books" with an easy to read style, without alot of big words, and large print your young reader will be racing through this book. This series has it all, action adventure and a solid lesson behind it with some of your favorite characters from the radio series :)

No review required.

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