Zero Visibility by Sharon Dunn ~ Review

Zero Visibility

Lucie's Review: Lots of action and intrigue in my first Love Inspired Suspense!

Merci and Loralei are on their way to visit Merci's aunt, but on the way they get waylaid and Merci might just be in for much more than she ever imagined.
Nathan is a knight in insulated armor, who swoops in and saves Merci and Loralei in the nick of time. But he just might be in over his head.

This is my first time reading a Love Inspired Suspense, and I was impressed with the non-stop action elements, and this particular novel's survival theme.
There was alot of action, that never really slowed down. And the plot really kept me guessing, because I had no clue what the bad guys were looking for!
This book had a good pace to it, so it kept me reading even though this wasn't exactly my style of read. But if all Love Inspired Suspenses are like this I'm sure I will be reading more in the future.

Overall this was a good suspenseful read, though I did miss a little bit of the romantic interaction, though it was completely unstandable that they didn't get to have too many conversations focusing on their relationship as they were running for their lives! A read that I would recommend for people who like survival stories.

I received this ebook from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!

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