Charity House Courtship by Renee Ryan ~ Review

Charity House Courtship (Charity House, #5)
Lucie Review: Thankfully first impressions aren't everything, but they sure can cause a boatload of trouble!

When Marc Dupree first sets his eyes on Laney O'Connor his first impression of her is less than flattering. He mistakenly identifies her as a lady of the night!
Laney is in desperate straits, she needs to find a way to pay of the morgage on the orphanage that she runs to care for the children of prostitutes. And accepting Marc's help might be the only way to save the orphanage.

What an interesting start to a romance! Marc Dupree is a man of many contradictions and more than a few wrongful assumptions. There were certainly a few times when I was sitting there wondering how he came to those conclusions. (But later on I understood more of why he thought the way that he did). I liked how he wasn't the perfect hero, he had flaws and he realized them.

Laney was a resouceful heroine, who fought to give the orphans a better life and keep them off the street. Sometimes I kind of questioned the way she went about doing the things that she did, but that's just my personal opinion.

I liked how the characters grew and we got to look abck and see how they overcame their pasts, and learned to trust God more fully, and to depend on Him more fully.

Overall, I liked this sweet read. It was great to finally know how Marc and Laney got together (they are featured in the other Charity House books, so this is something of a prequel). Marc and Laney had a great adversarial relationship, and the sparks flew! I liked the way that they interacted with each other, and this book was highly readable, as I sped through it wanting to find out what would happen next. A great historical romance :)

I received this ebook from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!


  1. Great Review, thank you. I can't wait to read this Book.


  2. Awesome, I hope you enjoy it :)


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