Yikes!!! by Bill Myers ~ Review

Yikes!!! (T.J. and the Time Stumblers, #6)

My Review: A hilarious conclusion to a fun series.

T.J. Finklestein is you reveryday average girl--except for the fact that she has two invisible, time-stumbling friends, Tuna and Herby...Yup, completely normal. As if that weren't bad enough, Herby and Tuna accidently transport T.J.'s entire class to Africa! Not to mention many other mishaps.

I have really enjoyed this series, because they have a nice clean humor that I believe that parents and children alike will appreciate. And while each of the books in the series teaches a great moral lesson, one thing that struck me was that there aren't any mentions of Jesus, sin, or salvation. So there were times when I wondered why it was marketed as a Christian book, that aside I found myself highly entertained. T.J. and the boys got themselves into tons of wacky adventures, and there was always something happening.

Overall this is a fun and funny series about an average girl who is far from average. I think that this series is well written and something that kids will love, yet I couldn't help but wish that it was a bit more like Mr. Myer's former series', including The Bloodhounds Inc., & Wally McDoogle, both of which expressed a more Christian theme. So if you are looking for a fun kid's read that teaches good lessons, this is a series that is a blast :)

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