House of Mercy by Erin Healy ~ Review

House of Mercy
My Review: An intricately woven story of family and relying on God for true strength and power.

Bethesda Borzoi is the daughter of a noble rancher, and her world is turned on its end by one horrible mistake with devestating repercussions. As things unravel one by one Beth must lean on her faith to trust her future to God no matter how bleak it seems.

Riveting from the very beginning to the last page, House of Mercy was the kind of book that just sucked me into it's depths. The many well-rounded characters took me on a trip through every emotion, from disgust and heartbreak, to happiness and satisfaction.

I loved how diverse the cast of characters were. There were some that I loathed from the beginning and others who slowly stole my heart. I absolutely loved the character of Wally, the warm-hearted, but forgetful cowhand.

The story was a wonderfullythought provoking read, with emotions going in all directions, switching from one point of view to another. Beth grew in so many ways over the course of the book, spiritually and otherwise. Also, I just loved the theme of relying on God's power and not on your own.

Overall,  a different kind of book for me, but I enjoyed it nontheless. The ranch setting was one of the things that I loved most about this book, as I was visiting my cousins on my grandma's ranch at the time I read this book and could relate to many of the descriptions. The characters were so well-built that I felt as if I had met real people, though to be honest some of the "meetings" were not that pleasant! This was a book I thoroughly enjoyed, and I know that I will be reading more from Erin Healy in the future!

I received this book from the publisher through B&B Media in return for an honest review. Thank you!


  1. Love the new blog look, Faye!! And great review! :D

  2. Wonderful review--thank you very much! I love to learn about how readers engage with my books. Thanks for spending some of your precious time reading HOM, thinking about the story, and sharing it with others. -EH

  3. Erin,
    Thank you so much for stopping by! And you are so very welcome, I enjoyed House of Mercy very much :)



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